The Review of Information Technology Project Management / Witold Chmielarz

Dariusz Dziuba
2016 Journal of Economics and Management  
is a monograph presenting an original approach created by the author, applied to examine the issue of management of IT systems and their impact on the development of computerized management information systems. The author undertakes an ambitious task of providing the answer to the query whether, and in what way, the development of project management methods affects the development of IT systems. Simultaneously, the author raises the question whether this is a reflexive relationship, i.e. if the
more » ... onship, i.e. if the development of information technology development stimulates the development of design methods. So far, in the Polish literature on the subject as well as business reality, we have not come across studies which would analyze the issue of IT project management and the development of information systems from such a perspective. Having considered the reviewed work, I believe that the author succeeds in providing a comprehensive and detailed answer to the above question. At this point we should note that the answer is neither easy nor simple. In order to achieve his goal, the author has analyzed the existing literature on IT project management and the relevant publications on the development of information systems. Moreover, the author has applied his own, original approach to evaluate the issue of development of the two above-mentioned spheres, which are seen as separate, yet closely connected. Providing an answer to the challenging and important questions was made possible by employing a sequence of considerations and conclusions, encompassing the following steps: − firstly, the author characterizes basic concepts in project management: undertaking, project, conditions for the implementation of the project as well as the project management, seen through a perspective of both: a traditional and modern approach, − subsequently, the author comments on the concepts of project management and process management, and he examines the relations between projects and
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