A Phenomenological Constitutive Model for Pseudoelastic Shape Memory Alloy
의탄성 형상기억합금에 대한 현상학적 구성모델

Kwang-Soo Ho
2010 Transactions of Materials Processing  
Shape memory alloys (SMAs) have the ability to recover their original shape upon thermo-mechanical loading even after large inelastic deformation. The unique feature is known as pseudoelasticity and shape memory effect caused by the crystalline structural transformation between two solid-state phases called austenite and martensite. To support the engineering application, a number of constitutive models, which can be formally classified into either micromechanicsbased or phenomenological model,
more » ... omenological model, have been developed. Most of the constitutive models include a kinetic law governing the crystallographic transformation. The present work presents a one-dimensional, phenomenological constitutive model for SMAs in the context of the unified viscoplasticity theory. The proposed model does not incorporate the complex mechanisms of phase transformation. Instead, the effects induced by the transformation are depicted through the growth law for the back stress that is an internal state variable of the model.
doi:10.5228/kstp.2010.19.8.468 fatcat:s2s5d4yvvjb5hh7yl42v5ko6sa