Which Policy Issues Matter in Canadian Municipalities? A Survey of Municipal Politicians

Jack Lucas, Alison Smith
Which policy issues matter to local politicians? Canadian researchers increasingly argue that urban policymaking today is often as much about \wicked problems" of climate change and social policy as it is about snow clearing and potholes (Bradford 2002, Bradford 2005, Hughes, Chu, and Mason 2018). But do municipal politicians agree { do they think that traditional municipal issues have been overlaid with new policy concerns? And how do these opinions about municipal issues vary across Canadian
more » ... ry across Canadian cities? Earlier this year, in a survey of Canadian mayors and councillors from municipalities across Canada, we sought to answer these questions. Across eighteen areas of public policy, more than 1,000 mayors and councillors told us which issues they felt were important in their communities.1 Their answers provide us with a new and systematic look at the policy issues that Canadian municipal leaders feel are important across municipalities of widely varying sizes, regions, and provinces.
doi:10.11575/sppp.v12i0.56964 fatcat:q4yku7qsqnbsbkeh5mvxxnxnle