A Descriptive Study to Assess the Knowledge on Fast Food Eating among Adults in Selected Urban Community Kanchipuram District Tamil Nadu

2020 Medico-Legal Update  
The fast food industry had its beginning around the mid-twentieth centuries and it grew tremendously during the last three decades of the twentieth century. The fast-food eating cause heart disease high blood pressure and diabetes mellitus and high risk of health problem such as obesity. The objectives of the study is to assess the knowledge level on fast food eating among adults and to find out the association between the knowledge and demographic variables of adults. A purposive sampling
more » ... osive sampling technique is used to collect data from the sample. The samples size was 50 adults at selected urban community. The knowledge level was assisted by self structured questionnaire. The result shows 1(2%) of sample had inadequate knowledge, 18(36%) of sample had moderately adequate knowledge 31(62%) of sample had adequate knowledge regarding fast food eating. There was a significant association between the knowledge and age of adult and there is no significant association between the other demographic variables like gender, income, education, resident and number of times eating fast food per week.
doi:10.37506/mlu.v20i1.346 fatcat:cwgj2oeoavc4bhmvtcn4g5si4i