Immunohistochemical Study Of Fibronectin, Tenascin and Type I Collagen In Tongue And Lip carcinomas

João Luiz de Miranda, Felipe Rodrigues de Matos, Frederico Santos Lages, Dhelfeson Willya Douglas-de-Oliveira, Roseana de Almeida Freitas
2018 Brazilian Journal of Oral Sciences  
AIM: The aim was to compare the immunoexpression of extracellular matrix proteins in squamous cell carcinomas of tongue (SCCTo) and lower lip (SCCLi). METHODS: Eleven SCCTo and 11 SCCLi were selected and examined according to Bryne's method (1998). For immunohistochemical study utilized antibodies to fibronectin, tenascin and type I collagen. Histopathologic and immunohistochemical analysis were performed on the tumor invasive front. RESULTS: All SCCTo were classified in high score malignant
more » ... de and all SCCLi in lower score. Fibronectin showed strong immunorreactivity in the peritumoral basement membrane (BM) in 91% of SCCTo and all cases of SCCLi, while in the tumor stroma (TS) all cases of SCCTo and SCCLi had strong intensity. Tenascin had strong expression in BM of 91% cases of SCCTo and 63.4% of SCCLi and in TS had strong expression in 91% cases of SCCTo and 54.6% of SCCLi. Type I collagen demonstrated weak immunoreactivity in the TS of 72.7% cases of SCCTo and 63.4% of SCCLi. CONCLUSION: These results may suggest that the strong expression of fibronectin and tenascin proteins and the weak expression of type I collagen could play a role in the invasive process of oral SCC.
doi:10.20396/bjos.v16i0.8651061 fatcat:2xwawd2ehbhclo6jegy7toyl4y