Inlet Flow Distortion Effects on Rotating Stall

J. Fortin, W. C. Moffatt
1990 Volume 1: Turbomachinery   unpublished
For many years there has been a significant effort to better understand rotating stall/surge phenomena in axial compressors, as well as the effects of inlet flow distortions. Most experimental investigations to date, whether on laboratory compressors or on full scale jet engines, have tended to focus separately on the effects of these two flow disturbances on compressor performance. The purpose of the present study was to experimentally assess the influence of inlet flow distortions on the
more » ... tion and nature of rotating stall in a full scale engine compressor. This paper reports results obtained for the first stage rotor of a 10-stage compressor subjected to screen-induced inlet pressure distortions. Previous investigations had shown that during part-speed operation, the front stages operated in rotating stall, and hot-film probe measurements made during the present study showed that the presence of the distortion screens did not affect the speed of the rotating stall pattern, but in some instances changed the number of cells present. However, low frequency flow fluctuations characteristic of surge were much more prevalent when the screens were in place. Also, the further the sensing probe was displaced tangentially in the rotor rotation direction from the screens, the more intense the fluctuations, leading one to conclude that the screens had a localized damping effect on the surge cycle.
doi:10.1115/90-gt-215 fatcat:77zjclfruvgevefgewu7s4lcfu