Techniques for Reducing the Down Time during Virtual Machine Migration: Resource Failure & Live Migration Circumstances

Abhay Kothari, Ashish Agrawal, Asst Professor
Virtual Machines need migration from the present host to an another appropriate one due to error in the present hardware or presently loaded scenario causing slowness of execution. Most of the situations fall into second category leading to a solution called live migration. Here, in live migration the virtual machine runs for sometime on the present host while its required data gets transferred to the destination. The prevalent techniques under live migration are pre copy and post copy having
more » ... eir relative merits and demerits. In this paper, we are presenting our work in terms of proposing several techniques for better designs, namingly, Remote DMA, parallel buses, NUMA, server consolidation and blade server and in case of OS virtualization virtual file system implementation is proposed. In case of hardware failure, provisioning of redundant hardware component is included in this paper. All these techniques are there to enhance the data transfer and sharing capacities beyond what is offered by pre and post and other prevalent designed techniques so as to reduce the downtime.