Prospects of the Use of Synthetic Biostimulants for the Development of Aquaculture of Whitefishes in Lake Baikal

Olga Glyzina, Sergey Adamovich, Olga Belykh, Lyubov Sukhanova, Elizaveta Oborina, Leonid Glyzin, Vera Yakhnenko, Marina Tyagun, Yulia Sapozhnikova
2020 Известия Байкальского государственного университета  
A number of biologically active compounds, protatrans with the general formula ArХCH2CO2– · НN+(CH2СН2ОН)3 (А), in which Ar = aryl; Х = O, S, SO, SO2, Se were synthesized. It is the first time that the use of protatrans (А) was suggested, namely of the protatrans 2-Me-С6Н4OCH2CO2– · НN+(CH2СН2ОН)3 (1) and 4-Cl-С6Н4SO2CH2CO2– ·НN+(CH2СН2ОН)3 (2), as stimulants of growth and development of underyearlings of freshwater whitefish hybrid forms. It was concluded that adding microquantities of
more » ... antities of protatrans 1 and 2 (0,001 %) to the fish feed for the hybrid of lake whitefish and Siberian whitefish increases its viability by 6 %, growth by 10 % and weight by 14 %. Available synthetic biostimulants 1 and 2 can be used for artificial reproduction of freshwater cold-water fish (whitefish, salmon).
doi:10.17150/2500-2759.2020.30(3).463-471 fatcat:yappzxjzsnarvhaqgcmdvwauge