What Can Life Stories Teach us About Suicide Attempters Among Indigenous People?

Lewis Mehl-Madrona
2023 Qualitative research   unpublished
Context: The author works as a psychiatrist for the public health district that serves the five Indigenous Nations of Maine. Within that context, he conducts life story interviews as part of his intake assessment process for all clients. Objective: To determine what is common among the life stories of indigenous people who have recently attempted suicide. I sought to understand their worldview. Study Design and Analysis: Life stories were reviewed of recent suicide attempters. Constructivist
more » ... unded theory as developed by Charmaz was used in an iterative manner to identify the predominant findings that emerged from the review of these life stories. The life stories were compared to stories collected from people judged to be reasonably adjusted and happy.
doi:10.1370/afm.21.s1.3470 fatcat:563esxsgtbeqjbhi3jzdhvl6ru