Toward quantum information processing by nuclear magnetic resonance: Pseudopure states and logical operations using selective pulses on an oriented spin 3/2 nucleus

Neeraj Sinha, T. S. Mahesh, K. V. Ramanathan, Anil Kumar
2001 Journal of Chemical Physics  
Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy has demonstrated significant experimental progress toward the development of quantum computations. The developments so far have taken place mainly through the use of spin 1 2 nuclei. In this paper we describe the use of a spin 3 2 nucleus, oriented in a liquid crystal matrix for the creation of pseudopure states and the implementation of a complete set of two-qubit reversible logic gates using single-quantum transition-selective pulses, extending the range of practice of NMR toward quantum computation.
doi:10.1063/1.1346645 fatcat:6fbq3hxajvepvmho6opzca4voy