Evaluation of the association between postural control and sagittal curvature of the spine

Arkadiusz Łukaz Żurawski, Wojciech Piotr Kiebzak, Ireneusz M. Kowalski, Grzegorz Śliwiński, Zbigniew Śliwiński, James G. Wright
2020 PLoS ONE  
Balance is key to controlling body posture. Balance is typically assessed by measures of the body's vertical orientation, obtained by balancing out the forces acting on different body segments. The ability to maintain balance is assessed by evaluating centre of pressure (CoP) displacement; such assessments are typically used to evaluate responses to a treatment process. This study evaluated the efficiency of compensatory reactions in children according to the extent of thoracic kyphosis and
more » ... ic kyphosis and lumbar lordosis. The study enrolled 312 children aged 8‒12 years, including 211 patients with postural disorders: thoracic kyphosis outside the 47‒50-degree range and lordosis outside the 38‒42-degree range (study group). A control group was also recruited and comprised 101 children without postural disorders. The DIERS formetric 4D system was used to assess posture and CoP displacement. Children in the study group showed a significantly greater range of CoP displacement than children in the control group. The kyphosis angle correlated with the maximum CoP displacement in the coronal plane and the maximum CoP displacement in the sagittal plane during gait. The kyphosis angle also correlated with the maximum CoP displacement back in the static test. The size of the lordosis angle correlated with the maximum displacement of CoP in the coronary plane during gait, and with the maximum displacement of CoP toward the left, forward, and backward in the static test. The correlation coefficient of the lordosis angle with displacement of the CoP in the sagittal plane was 0.999. We found an association between kyphosis and lordosis and the amplitude of CoP displacement, which may reflect the postural control system's response to biomechanical destabilisation caused by changes in kyphosis and lordosis.The lordosis angle correlation strength for displacement of CoP in sagittal plane is 0.999 and adopts a linear value.
doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0241228 pmid:33108407 fatcat:76xf6qblvzdzpe42bjqystr5jm