Air and Health

1910 Journal of the American Medical Association  
that an author necessarily recommends those tests and methods which he himself has found to be the most satisfactory for such work. If the student, general practitioner, or specialist masters the examination of the urine as outlined by Ogden, he need have no fear of getting into difficulties in his clinical examinations. The details of the various tests and methods are given in a clear and concise manner, so that no doubt should exist on the part of the worker as to the meth¬ ods to be
more » ... The clinical significance of the various urinary findings is given in sufficient outline to permit of the proper interpretation of abnormalities. In the sections treating of the urinary changes in various pathologic conditions, both renal and general, one will find a thoroughly up-to-date treatment of such variations. This section should be especially A'aluable to the practitioner, who is frequently at a loss to interpret his findings and avIio is rarely cognizant of the physiologic variations in such a com¬ plex fluid as the urine. This phase of urinary examinations is too often insufficiently discussed in text-books. In this edition, Ogden has taken the opportunity of adding a section of 13 pages on the "Examination of the Urine for the Purpose of Life-insurance." Here many important points are brought out which should be absorbed by all having to do with such details. It is, doubtless, true that many exam¬ inations of the urine are of little value, and, indeed, often farcical and unreliable for the purpose of establishing the value of a "risk," yet this is unquestionably due to the gross ignorance of the examiner and is no reflection on the con¬ scientious physician, who does his work carefully and who knows how to interpret his urinary findings in the light of the clinical examination of the applicant. The typography of the book is excellent and its illustra¬ tions numerous, accurate, and thoroughly satisfactory. The arrangement of the subject-matter is admirable. The diction is clear and concise and the text is extremely orthodox in its teaching. This work is highly commended both to the student and practitioner. Smallpox and Vaccination in British India.
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