Aprendizaje-servicio aplicado a los estudios de comunicación

José Candón-Mena
2021 Revista iberoamericana de aprendizaje servicio  
Innovación docente, aprendizaje-servicio, comunicación, ONG, tercer sector. Fecha de recepción: 13/II/2021 Fecha de aceptación: 24/III/2021 Candón-Mena, J. (2021). Aprendizaje-servicio aplicado a los estudios de comunicación. RIDAS, Revista Iberoamericana de Aprendizaje Servicio, 11, 93-103. DOI10.1344/RIDAS2021.11.6 94 Service-learning applied to communication studies Abstract The teaching innovation project "Network of Education, Communication and Cooperation of the University of Seville"
more » ... ity of Seville" (RECCUS) created a network between the University of Seville and various NGOs, mainly with didactic and social purposes. The project included several actions such as the preparation of notes and educational videos, visits by communication professionals working for NGOs, the design of a training itinerary and a proposal for a specialized course on communication in the third sector. Its main action, based on the methodology of service-learning, consisted in the realization of practical work through which students developed communication materials to meet the specific needs of the participating entities. This paper details the practical application of the RECCUS project following the key elements that should guide the implementation of the service-learning methodology. The potentialities of this methodology in the field of communication are also discussed.
doi:10.1344/ridas2021.11.6 fatcat:hgnl53du3be2bejnndmzymqg54