Laryngeal Foreign Body for 20 days without a Catastrophic EventLaryngeal Foreign Body for 20 days without a Catastrophic Event

Narang Ved, Giovanni Sambiagio, Natarajan Balaji
2022 International Journal of Respiratory and Pulmonary Medicine  
We present successful management of an unusual foreign body (FB) case in the larynx for 20 days. A 45-year old man presented with complaints of hoarseness of voice and coughing up a few pieces of silver-colored flakes. He had unresolved dyspnoea and wheeze for three weeks and was managed as an asthmatic with partial resolution of symptoms. The patient was alcohol and drug dependent and was under treatment for epilepsy. Fibre-optic laryngeal examination revealed a suspicious object in the Rima
more » ... ottis. A blister pack measuring 2.6 cm × 2.2 cm was removed under GA. FB larynx is routinely associated with a definitive short history and the need for immediate resuscitation. However, the long period of persistence of FB in the larynx is possible depending upon the position of the FB. A history of aspiration may not be available in patient's dependent on alcohol, drugs, and with epilepsy.
doi:10.23937/2378-3516/1410179 fatcat:exd3w3xhuzaipd352umraabnei