Pawar Shitalkumar, Vibhute Pritish
2014 International Journal of Advanced Technology in Engineering and Science   unpublished
The aim of the Intelligence traffic management system is built up a traffic management system by dealing with the fuel supply of vehicles. Due to the ever-increasing traffic demand, modern societies with well-planned road management systems, and sufficient infrastructures for transportation still face the problem of traffic congestion. This results in loss of travel time, and huge societal and economic costs. Constructing new roads could be one of the solutions for handling the traffic
more » ... n problem, but it is often less feasible due to political and environmental concerns. An alternative would be to make more efficient use of the existing infrastructure. Our proposed work will manage the existing traffic system to follow an automatic real-time situation regarding situation based system. We analyzed various traffic roads and the road having highest traffic will get the signal the stop signal. These vehicles will get automatically stopped by disconnecting the fuel supply to the vehicle. It is real time operating management which is too difficult but we able to do microcontroller based traffic control system. Traffic control problem is a big problem in our country at present and we hope this real-time technique will to solve the problem and it also saves fuel.