32. Sundry Notes on Living and Fossil Tubipora
32. 現棲及び化石Tubiporaに就いて

Hisakatsu YABE, Toshio SUGIYAMA
1937 Transactions and Proceedings of the Palaeontological Society of Japan  
With two Plates) In the collection of the reef-corals from the Japanese Seas and the South Sea, there are numerous specimens of the Alcyonarian genus Tubipora, their localities are; 1. Titi-zima (Reg. No.44621)2)and Haha-zima (Reg. No.44620), both in the Ogasawara group. 2. Garanbi, the southernmost cape of Taiwan (Formosa)(Reg.
doi:10.14825/prpsj1935.1937.33 fatcat:zffxa7mmo5gedfmbqtpn42xiku