Relation between the Modernization of Asiatic Rural Villages and the Traditional Factors

Atsuhiko BEKKI
1963 Journal of Geography (Chigaku Zasshi)  
One of the objects in a geographical study of underdeveloped countries in various parts of Asia is to investigate the process of ecological changes of their rural communities, which, combined with various regional factors such as natural environments, patterns of land utilization, economic condition, social and historical structure of villages, religions, life cycle of the inhabitants or the level of contacts with the outer world, represent exceedingly complicated conditions. In aiming to
more » ... ize regional characteristics, a geographer must comprehend the changes from a 'synthetic point of view. At the same time, these changes show us different examples of modernizing process of rural communities which can be treated comparatively.
doi:10.5026/jgeography.72.6_269 fatcat:grfbqxs2wvclbh5c3cmpy42rrm