Finding bichromatic-bidirectional waves with ADVS [article]

Mario G. De Souza E Silva, Nils B. Kerpen, Paulo Cesar C. Rosman, Torsten Schlurmann, Claudio F. Neves, University, My
The aim of this study is to investigate Bichromatic-Bidirectional waves to characterize the subtractive wave-wave nonlinear interactions, using adaptive techniques rather than traditional spectral techniques. A physical model test in a 3D-wave basin was conducted and measurements were made with two arrays of ultrasonic sensors of free surface and one array of ADVs. The Hilbert-Huang transform, aided by the Multivariate Empirical Mode Decomposition, was applied to the orbital velocity data and
more » ... e main characteristics of the infragravity wave (velocity amplitude, period and direction) were extracted with a good precision. © 2018 American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). All rights reserved.
doi:10.15488/10493 fatcat:aid7646gtrhovj2msdjt63cwh4