N. Sychevskiy, Yu. Orlyuk
2016 Scientific Messenger of LNU of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology  
Influence of technological modes of process of obtaining of the curd on rheological characteristics of whey protein mixture which is formed in curd development equipment model YA5–ОSG is investigated. The working environment is whey protein mixture, where constantly there is a change of physical and chemical, structural–mechanical and thermophysical properties, which can flake and settle during the experiments. Most important empiric rheological parameter, characterizing processes at the curd
more » ... esses at the curd production, there is viscosity of working environment of curd development equipment. It is ordinary sensory description that a cheese–maker determines by sight on the components percentage (curd and whey). The effective viscosity of working environment curd development equipment by the method of viscosity conditional index on means of universal measuring device «Instron – 1122» was determined. Viscosity conditional index by the Stokes formula was calculated. Graphic processing of experiments results yielded the dependence of the magnitude of the effective viscosity of the working environment in curd development equipment on the temperature and the percentage of whey. The studies in the temperature range from 10 °C to 60 °C and the change of the mass fraction whey in the range from 78% to 87 % were conducted. Graph-analytical processing of the experiments results in logarithmic coordinates and their generalization possible to obtain the empirical formula to calculate the effective viscosity of the working environment elliptic сurd development equipment YA5–ОSG.The empirical dependence change rheological characteristics of the working environment in curd development equipment to carry out engineering calculations by development of their designs are describing. The error in comparing the results of determining the effective viscosity of the working environment from experimentally obtained and calculated according to the formula does not exceed 12.5%.
doi:10.15421/nvlvet6819 fatcat:nkpwed33bfamhnbk5env4pfcsy