Small Nuclear Inclusion Protein Encoded by a Plant Potyvirus Genome Is a Protease

James C. Carrington, William G. Dougherty
1987 Journal of Virology  
Tobacco etch virus, a plant potyvirus, expresses its RNA genome as a large polyprotein precursor which undergoes extensive proteolytic processing to yield seven or more mature products. Two of these products, proteins with apparent molecular weights of 49,000 and 54,000 (49K and 54K proteins), aggregate in the form of crystalline inclusions within the nuclei of infected cells. Cell-free translation of synthetic transcripts was used to map the genes for these two products on the viral genome and
more » ... to express an enzymatically active protein. The 49K protein was determined to be a viral protease responsible for several cleavages of the polyprotein, including its own autocatalytic excision. Analyses of products expressed from the 49K protein genes which were altered by deletion revealed that only the carboxyl-terminal half was required for proteolytic activity.
doi:10.1128/jvi.61.8.2540-2548.1987 fatcat:l4u2j7opqvgb5gzt6g47p7gg7u