Rate of Dephosphorization of Liquid Iron by Solid Lime

Yasuji KAWAI, Hidetoshi NAKAJIMA
1974 Transactions of the Iron and Steel Institute of Japan  
The rate oj dephosphoriza tion oj liquid iron by solid lime was investigated by melting iron containing jl/WSjl/LOntS in lime crucible under the oxidizing atmosphere oj H 2 0 -H 2-Ar or H 2 0 -AI' gas mixtures. The rate oj dephosphorization increases with increasing oxygen potential oj the atmosphere and the temperature, but the effect qf temperature on the reaction rate is not so large. The experimental results were explained by the equation derived Jrom the assumption that the rate
more » ... stejl was the rate q! SUjljlly oj oxygen Jrom atmosphere to liquid iron . When carbon was present in liquid iron, carbon was oxidized to the low value oj about 0.01 % before the beginning oj dephos/lhorization. This was caused by the dijJerences qf the reaction place, that is, the decarburizing reaction at gas-metal intelface, and the dephosphorizing reaction at metalcrucible interface, and the affinity oj carbon and phosphorus Jor oxygen.
doi:10.2355/isijinternational1966.14.96 fatcat:i747sqdu5jgtrmobukbnnanvhu