Reordering into Normal Products, the Commutation Relation and the Particle-Hole Relation in the Many-Body Shell Model Bases

M. Nomura
1978 Progress of theoretical physics  
451 Treatment of a general operator in the shell model bases is investigated as a reformulation and a slight generalization of a previous work. First, reordering of an operator into normal products is presented by the use of matrix elements in a few-body configurations instead of the use of the Wick theorem. Second, the commutation relation and the particle-hole relation in the many-body bases are presented each of which is equivalent to the cfp relation arising from the completeness of basic
more » ... leteness of basic functions. Next, the operator whose matrix element fulfills particle-hole symmetry is constructed from an arbitrary operator. In turn, the operator is expressed as a sum of particle-hole symmetrized operators.
doi:10.1143/ptp.59.451 fatcat:7uzyhqfhbzaxxkw3a5dw52hc5i