'Activating' those that 'lag behind': space-time politics in Dutch parenting training for migrants

Marguerite Van den Berg
2016 Patterns of Prejudice  
Activating' those that 'lag behind' van den Berg, M.A. Link to publication Citation for published version (APA): Van den Berg, M. (2016). 'Activating' those that 'lag behind': Space-time politics in Dutch parenting training for migrants. Patterns of Prejudice, 50(1), 21-37. https://doi. To cite this article: Marguerite Van den Berg (2016) 'Activating' those that 'lag behind': spacetime politics in Dutch parenting training for migrants, Patterns of Prejudice, 50:1, 21-37, ABSTRACT Space and time
more » ... RACT Space and time (or rather space-time) are crucial concepts in the legitimation of policy interventions into citizens' private lives. Across Europe, social policy measures to promote 'activation' among migrant communities-employment guidance, parenting training, youth work and so on-have proliferated, aiming to 'move' the Other into the here-and-now of European modernity. Van den Berg brings together theories of space-time, alterity and 'cultural lag logics' in an analysis of a contemporary case of such a policy: parenting training in the Netherlands. Based on ethnographic research, her study shows how certain societal problems are translated into problems of difference, and how that difference is in turn conceptualized as distance in space and time to be overcome through professional intervention.
doi:10.1080/0031322x.2015.1128622 fatcat:gskvhkysiraitlude7yvxujdfm