Fresh hypothermically stored amniotic allograft in the treatment of chronic nonhealing ulcers: a prospective case series

Matthew Sabo, Sarah Moore, Raphael Yaakov, Bryan Doner, Keyur Patel, Thomas Serena
2018 Chronic Wound Care Management and Research  
Amniotic membranes have been used for a variety of surgical applications since the 1900s. Recent developments in the field of chronic wound care have accelerated and expanded their use. To date, there are over 70 amniotic products available, including dehydrated human amnion/chorion and cryopreserved human amnion. The integrity of these grafts, however, may be compromised during processing. Fresh hypothermically stored amniotic allograft (HSAM) may improve healing rates by preserving growth
more » ... ors and living cells, including stem cells, as well as retaining the membrane's native structure. Methods: Healing outcomes were evaluated in patients receiving HSAM for the treatment of chronic nonhealing ulcers. Relevant medical history was captured in addition to data on wound characteristics and measurements. Two venous leg ulcers and one postsurgical wound were treated with HSAM. Findings: A significant reduction in wound size was observed for patients treated with HSAM. Overall, HSAM demonstrated a wound size reduction of 93.94% in 42 days. These results provide evidence that HSAM may reduce the long-term costs associated with the care of chronic ulcers by increasing the healing rate and lowering the risk of infection and complications.
doi:10.2147/cwcmr.s153317 fatcat:dwvbd55gtvc5revfygiuv6vck4