Planning for the 1980's / Proceedings of the First Annual Computer Users Conference [report]

Linda Besen, University Corporation For Atmospheric Research (UCAR):National Center For Atmospheric Research (NCAR):NCAR Library (NCARLIB)
The proceedings of the conference are included in this technical report. Some papers prepared for the conference were included in a preconference distribution. Dr. Macintyre's report on planning is also repeated. His report emphasizes the "key to successful planning-- anticipating real needs and opportunities before they arise. The technical goals are to provide state-of-the-art facilities in computer software and hardware. Members of the SCD staff have prepared material on mass store needs,
more » ... ass store needs, data needs, graphics and other software tools. These topics were covered in the session on SCD Issues for the 1980's. Section 2 contains material prepared for the conference by members of the SCD staff. Section 3 of the Conference Proceedings contains summaries of workshops which were held on research goals and computing needs. The topics included Astrophysics, Oceanography, Climate, Cloud Physics, Mesoscale Modeling, and others.
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