JERICO. Report on current status of Ferrybox [book]

David Hydes, Wilhelm Petersen, Kai Sorensen, Pierre Jaccard, Mark Hartman, Michael Haller, European Commission, European Commission
This report provides: 1. A review of the present status of the 16 Ferrybox systems currently operated by JERICO partners. 2. Access to detailed information on the Ferrybox systems on line at the FerryBox project web site ( at the link 3. A set of recommendations and guidance for setting up a new Ferrybox system, based on the experience of the current status of the operation of Ferrybox systems. Next steps are
more » ... ed in an overview of potential advances resulting from the work of the JERICO project. 4. Part of the JERICO vision is the improved harmonisation of activities through the sharing of information and the standardisation of operating procedures connecting operations at sea and generation of real time data through to the archiving of fully quality controlled and documented data sets. Items following on from the 1st JERICO Workshop are discussed. 5. Ferrybox information is being used to review the current status of and best technical practice for operating Ferrybox systems as part of JERICO work packages WP4 (Harmonizing Operation and Maintenance Methods) and WP5 (Data Management and Distribution). For example, delayed-mode Ferrybox data activities will be routed through WP Task 5.2. This task will also manage the necessary interaction between JERICO and SeaDataNet II. JERICO needs to think how this will be developed in practice across the different user groups and the training required. 6. A task of the JERICO meeting in Crete (October 2012) should be to define a "roadmap" for fully developing the links between MyOcean and the potential providers of near real time data from Ferryboxes that are useful in the context of the activities of MyOcean.
doi:10.13155/49703 fatcat:qqpueofaq5eqjmurnjhqmo7su4