Editor: Teaching of English Language and Literature S. Hussaini Irfan Communicative Approach in Integrating Language Skills and Soft Skills 47 ================================================================= Language in India www

M Jayanthi, M Phil, S Irfan
2017 unpublished
================================================================ Language Skills The purpose of the language is to communicate the message to the participants.The communication has to be appropriate to the setting. It is an activity, basically of four kinds:  Listening  Speaking  Reading  Writing These are called the four "language skills". They are related to each other. When the learners learn the second language they try to communicate in the target language. For their effective
more » ... effective communication, they use these language skills either consciously or subconsciously. Byrne states that "one should keep in mind that these skills are normally integrated into real life".Second language learners must be able "to produce and understand language in different sociolinguistic contexts, taking into consideration such factors as the status of participants, the purpose of interactions and the norms of conventions of interactions" (Freeman & Freeman, 2004). Integrating Language Skills Integrating language skills enhances the focus on the communication which develops the students' competence in English. In integrating language skills the easiest form is to integrate from receptive to productive skills within the same medium: oral or written.