Strain localization regularization and patterns formation in rate-dependent plastic materials with multiphysics coupling [article]

Antoine B. Jacquey, Hadrien Rattez, Manolis Veveakis
2020 arXiv   pre-print
Strain localization is an instability phenomenon occurring in deformable solid materials which undergo dissipative deformation mechanisms. Such instability is characterized by the localization of the displacement or velocity fields in a zone of finite thickness and is generally associated with the failure of materials. In several fields of material engineering and natural sciences, estimating the thickness of localized deformation is required to make accurate predictions of the evolution of the
more » ... physical properties within localized strain regions and of the material strength. In this context, scientists and engineers often rely on numerical modeling techniques to study strain localization in solid materials. However, classical continuum theory for elasto-plastic materials fails at estimating strain localization thicknesses due to the lack of an internal length in the model constitutive laws. In this study, we investigate at which conditions multiphysics coupling enables to regularize the problem of strain localization using rate-dependent plasticity. We show that coupling the constitutive laws for deformation to a single generic diffusion-reaction equation representing a dissipative state variable can be sufficient to regularize the ill-posed problem under some conditions on the softening parameters in the plastic potential. We demonstrate in these cases how rate-dependent plasticity and multiphysics coupling can lead to material instabilities depicting one or several internal length scales controlled by the physical parameters resulting in the formation of regular or erratic patterns. As we consider a general form of the equations, the results presented in this study can be applied to a large panel of examples in the material engineering and geosciences communities.
arXiv:2011.10717v1 fatcat:jvvvtprr7jdtjiix4xr7m3uyhi