Addendum to my Review to the promoter(s): [post]

Marc Aubinet
2021 unpublished
Most of the comment I made in this review are quite basic as they highlight elementary errors (insufficient treatment of the data and over-interpretation of the results, notably). By having often worked with PhD students in their early career, I know that such "youthful errors" are frequent. They are, to my opinion excusable and probably normal for beginner scientists. However, it is the responsibility of the promoter(s) to correct them and help the PhD student driving his/her analysis and this
more » ... should have been done during the writing process, before submitting the paper. As a promotor, I would never have authorized C1
doi:10.5194/bg-2020-420-rc2 fatcat:eok2gl5mobbehk57wrcxmxatmq