Uterine blood flow, oxygen uptake, and vascular resistance of pregnant sheep near term

Wolfgang Künzel, Friedrich Karl Klöck, Heinz-Dieter Junge, Waldemar Moll
1974 Journal of Perinatal Medicine  
Reduced uterine blood flow may be caused by a reduced arterial blood pressure and by an incrcased uterine vascular resistance [2, 3, 4], In addition, reduced uterine blood flow seems to occur normally during vigorous uterine contraction in the expulsive stage of labor [1], In pregnant rhesus monkeys and in pregnant guinea pigs uterine O 2 -uptake decreases when uterine blood flow falls below about 80 ml min-1 kg-1 [5, 7] . We were interested to know whether similar relations between uterine O 2
more » ... between uterine O 2 -uptake and uterine blood flow occur in sheep, the fetal weight of which is similar to that in human. As the available data do not allow to draw conclusions on this relation we measured uterine O 2 -uptake, uterine blood flow, and uterine vascular resistance in the sheep. The data should give further indications on the effect of reduced uterine blood flow on the fetus. Methods Material 11 Merino-sheep near term were used. The maternal weight was 66.6 kg (SD = 7.3 kg). The weight of the uterus was 10.3 kg (SD = 5.0 kg). The mean fetal weight was 4.4 kg (SD = 1.6 kg) and 6 sheep had one and 5 sheep had twp fetuses. Anesthesia The sheep were anesthetized with pentobarbital (initial dose 20 mg/kg i. v.; additional infusion at a rate of 5 mg/kg/h). WOLFGANG KÜNZEL, M. D., Lecturer at Medi^inische Hochschule Hannover Curriculum vitae
doi:10.1515/jpme.1974.2.2.101 pmid:4468293 fatcat:a223cbb7pbgkrok6rwxwg5g474