Nclusive Learning Technologies At The Us Modern School

Inna Bessarabova
2020 unpublished
The relevance of the research topic is due to the leading role of inclusive education in organizing work with students who have alternative physical or mental development. Education by this category of citizens is one of the basic and inalienable conditions for their successful socialization, ensuring their full participation in society, effective self-realization in various types of professional and social activities. The results of the study showed that due to the variety of technologies it
more » ... f technologies it is advisable to systematize them into the following groups: pedagogical management technologies allow taking into account the functions of all participants in the learning process, but the teacher remains the main coordinator of this process; mutual support technologies consider the creation of a democratic atmosphere in the school and community as an important condition for an inclusive environment; service technologies to meet the special educational needs of the alternative child, which mean the appropriate mechanism for providing the child with the services that facilitate its inclusion in the general educational environment; tutoring technologies, involving the constant help of a tutor. The practical value of the research results lies in the fact that the results can serve as the basis for the design of the inclusive learning process in domestic educational institutions in the development of new technologies, methods and techniques for working with alternative students; the formation of an inclusive educational environment in an educational institution and the development of multicultural competence as an integral quality of the personality of any specialist in the world.
doi:10.15405/epsbs.2020.10.05.194 fatcat:yeuixa3d35dv5bpsmtimjhgptu