Impact of Heat Pump Flexibility in a French Residential Eco-District

Camille Pajot, Benoit Delinchant, Yves Maréchal, Damien Frésier
2018 Buildings  
This paper investigates the impact of load shedding strategies on a block of multiple buildings. It particularly deals with the quantification of the factors i.e., peak shaving, occupants' thermal comfort or CO 2 emission reduction and how to quickly quantify them. To achieve this goal, the paper focuses on a new residential district, thermally fed by heat pumps. Four modeling approaches were implemented in order to estimate buildings' response towards load shedding. Two schemes were combined
more » ... order to study an overall load shedding. This strategy for the neighborhood has proved itself efficient for both peak shaving and thermal comfort. Most of the clipped heating load during the peak period is shifted to low-consumption periods, providing an effective peak shaving. The thermal comfort is guaranteed for at least 96% of the time. For CO 2 emissions reduction, the link between consumption reduction and CO 2 emissions savings should be realized carefully, since shifting the consumption could increase these emissions.
doi:10.3390/buildings8100145 fatcat:m5qcqjtr75b5fecc7b7exldqqq