An economic history of Latin American developmental approaches: the political economy of world trade

Robert Andrew Zimmerman
This thesis examines theories, policies and practices of economic development in Latin America over the past seven decades. For conducting my research, I will focus primarily on a review and analysis of previously complied and published works on the history of Latin America. My goal with this thesis was to prove a deeper understanding of the different economic policies of Latin America so I would be better prepared to teach alternatives to the classical free trade policies that have become
more » ... ant during the past thirty years. These failed policies have expanded poverty and inequality not only in Latin America but also across the world. The belief that free trade is the only way to economic prosperity discourages any alternatives. However there has to be a better way and the first step is to understand what has worked and what has not.
doi:10.13016/m27q6b fatcat:mro73zbwgngopmxkeddj6jtnk4