Cytological and Morphological Studies of back-crossed genotypes derived from Iranian endemic diploid cotton cultivars Aria and Bandarabas with Arboreum species hybrids

Zahra Harati, Mosareza Vafaie-Tabar, Mahmood Khosrowshahli
2011 Journal of Plant Biology   unpublished
This study was carried out in order to investigate chromosomal behavior during meiosis, morphological assessments and fibers quantitative and qualitative traits in herbaceum (Iranian endemic), arboreum species, F 1 hybrids of two species and BC 4 genotypes. In this study, the endemic varieties Aria and Bandarabas and VTDL as arboreum were used. Regarding to the morphological characters, the F1s traits were intermediate and BC 4 showed intermediated and resemble somewhat to the endemic parents
more » ... e endemic parents traits. F 1 s Cytological investigations showed the adjacent and alternative quadrivalents frequently but In the BC 4 offspring population the quadrivalents were appeared in low frequency. Besides, other abnormalities like univalent, trivalents and triple sets of chromosomes in MII and AII were observed which were resulted in the deviation from Tetrads.