Combined method of stopping nasal hemorrage

Hryhorii Garyuk, Natalia Bichkova
Topicality: Nasal hemorrhage (NH) is one of the most common reasons for patients to seek emergency otorhinolaryngological care. Due to the significant increase in cardiovascular disease, endovascular interventions, as well as the wide use of anticoagulant and disaggregating therapy (in most cases, long courses or even lifelong), cases of recurrent NH have become more frequent. In reference, there is a problem of modification of local methods of stopping NH in patients who receive the above
more » ... eive the above therapy for a long time, because intervention in the hemostasis system in this group of patients causes certain difficulties. Aim of the study: The development of an anatomical intranasal tampon that allows you to combine several types of effects on the bleeding area is an extremely important task. Materials and methods: We have proposed a combined method of stopping NH, which includes the use of a two-chambered hydraulic tampon of our self design in combination with gel "Nosochem" and thermal exposure. Results: The proposed method of stopping NH was used in 24 patients, the average duration of nasal tamponade was 52.4±5.3 hours. In 23 (95.8%) patients, the proposed method provided effective stoppage of NH. Conclusions. The proposed hydrotampon in combination with "Nosochem" gel and local thermal exposure is a simple, effective and convenient to use combined method of stopping NH, which can be used as a method of choice for NH in patients who take anticoagulants and disaggregants for a long time.
doi:10.37219/2528-8253-2020-6-75 fatcat:gpnnw7ntu5eqngjykjhh7ry4pe