Isolation, screening and characterization of crude oil degrading bacteria isolated from Al- Dora refinery wastewater treatment plant

2018 Al-Qadisiyah Journal Of Pure Science  
Fifty two wastewater samples from wastewater treatment plant of Al-Dora refinery were collected at period from February 2012 to January 2013. 154 bacterial isolates were isolated from wastewater samples using liquid and solid BH medium with 1% crude oil as a carbon source. Primary screen were done using solid BH-medium with 1% crude oil, the bacterial isolates were inoculated and incubated at 30˚C for five days. Results shown that 45 isolates were appeared the highest growth ability. Secondary
more » ... creen were done for bacterial isolates selected from primary screen using clear zone and redox indicator ( DCPIP) techniques . Results shown that B.T.23, B.T.27 and A.T.90 isolates have the best ability for crude oil degradation .The three isolates were characterized based on morphological , cultural and biochemical tests , subsequently was identified and designated as Pseudomonas aeruginosa , Bacillus cereusand Bacillus subtilis respectively.
doi:10.29350/jops.2018.23.3.894 fatcat:zlf3rz2tkraxjbfh5btwdsrnyu