Quantum interference control of currents in CdSe with a single optical beam

N. Laman, A. I. Shkrebtii, J. E. Sipe, H. M. van Driel
1999 Applied Physics Letters  
We show that ballistic current generation can occur in a semiconductor via quantum interference between absorption pathways for orthogonal polarization components of a single-frequency beam. This effect occurs for a subset of noncentrosymmetric materials, is macroscopically associated with a second-order nonlinear optical susceptibility, and produces current injection linearly proportional to the beam intensity. We demonstrate this in wurtzite CdSe (E g ϭ1.75 eV) at 295 K using cw and
more » ... ng cw and femtosecond optical sources of wavelength 600-750 nm ͑2.07-1.66 eV͒. The intensity and spectral dependence are in reasonable agreement with a first-principles calculation. Continuous current density of 30 A cm Ϫ2 is produced for 60 mW cm Ϫ2 intensity at 633 nm.
doi:10.1063/1.125084 fatcat:3hin2b6m4nawheaj6ecralrb24