Digging deeper for new physics in the LHC data

Pouya Asadi, Matthew R. Buckley, Anthony DiFranzo, Angelo Monteux, David Shih
2017 Journal of High Energy Physics  
In this paper we describe a novel, model-independent technique of "rectangular aggregations" for mining the LHC data for hints of new physics. A typical (CMS) search now has hundreds of signal regions, which can obscure potentially interesting anomalies. Applying our technique to the two CMS jets+MET SUSY searches, we identify a set of previously overlooked ∼ 3σ excesses. Among these, four excesses survive tests of inter- and intra-search compatibility, and two are especially interesting: they
more » ... re largely overlapping between the jets+MET searches and are characterized by low jet multiplicity, zero b-jets, and low MET and H_T. We find that resonant color-triplet production decaying to a quark plus an invisible particle provides an excellent fit to these two excesses and all other data -- including the ATLAS jets+MET search, which actually sees a correlated excess. We discuss the additional constraints coming from dijet resonance searches, monojet searches and pair production. Based on these results, we believe the wide-spread view that the LHC data contains no interesting excesses is greatly exaggerated.
doi:10.1007/jhep11(2017)194 fatcat:yer3ffb6ujambi3qz52dxh6by4