Stabilization of fat degradation process in wheat germ (Triticum spp) for edible purposes

Shafrin Saheed, Navaratne
Scope of this study is to investigate the factors responsible for the fat degradation process of wheat germ and to determine preventive measures according to factorial experimental design. Therein, 10kg of wheat germ was taken (M.C 11.63%, Acid value 14.92mgKOH/1g oil) and divided into two portions. One portion was steam blanched at 110 o C for 3 minutes and the rest portion was kept untreated. Blanched portion was divided into two, and moisture content of one portion was reduced to 8% (w/b)
more » ... le keeping the rest portion untreated. These two portions were divided into two again and one portion of each was kept at refrigerator condition (-18 o C) and the rest two kept at in house condition. The same procedure was followed for un-blanched portion too. Samples were drawn from each treatment biweekly up to 6 weeks and subjected to determine acid value. All treatments were triplicate and data were analyzed statistically to determine the best treatment. Finally, acid profile of best treatment was compared against same of fresh sample using GC/MS. Results revealed that best treatment was blanched and low moisture sample, stored either in refrigerated or in-house condition.