1884 Boston Medical and Surgical Journal  
for the normal and acid sodium carbonates, which are repeatedly given incorrectly. The author apparently wrote his book hastily, and revised the text, if at all, very carelessly. We find some statements in the book with which we do not agree. For example, we do not consider the volumetric estimation of chlorine, by means of mercuric nitrate, simpler and more reliable than the estimation hy means of silver nitrate. His directions for the preliminary examination of the tissues for morphia and
more » ... chnia in cases of suspected poisoning canuot be recommended. Some of the illustrations are very inferior. This book can, we think, be made a very useful one. It needs, however, very careful revision. The chapters on Blood and Urine, which are really the most important practically, and which occupy, as is proper, a relatively large portion of the book, should be made more complete. The value of the book would thereby be increased.
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