Adsorbed Monomer Analog of a Common Polyelectrolyte

Svetlana A. Sukhishvili, Steve Granick
1998 Physical Review Letters  
The monomer analog of a common water-soluble charged macromolecule shows surface tilt and cooperative adsorption that would be expected for larger surfactant molecules -the small organic ion behaves as an embryonic surfactant. Yet the organic ion competes with inorganic ions (Na 1 , Mg 11 , etc.) for access to the surface, and therefore its tilt increases with the size of the competing coion. Similar ordering of charged units along a polyelectrolyte chain would be sterically frustrated. This
more » ... gests a new contribution to surface energetics when a charged macromolecule adsorbs. [S0031-9007(98)05926-2] PACS numbers: 68.45. -v, 82.65. -i
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.80.3646 fatcat:ds4isughwjcs5bawwnixalbhdi