Influence of organic amendments on phytostabilization of Cd-contaminated soil by Eucalyptus camaldulensis

Weeradej Meeinkuirt, Maleeya Kruatrachue, John Pichtel, Theerawut Phusantisampan, Patompong Saengwilai
2016 ScienceAsia  
Greenhouse and field experiments were conducted to evaluate the influence of three different organic amendments (cow manure, pig manure, and organic fertilizer) on the Cd phytostabilization potential of Eucalyptus camaldulensis grown on Cd-contaminated soil. The application of all amendments, particularly organic fertilizer, improved plant growth (i.e., height and biomass production) when compared to the control (Cd-contaminated soil alone), in both greenhouse and field experiments. E.
more » ... nsis treated with organic fertilizer experienced the greatest height (39 cm and 3.8 m) and biomass production (2.0 g and 3.3 kg) in greenhouse and field experiments, respectively. Plants grown on amended soils had lower Cd accumulation than those grown on the Cd soil alone. Among the treatments, organic fertilizer resulted in a translocation factor < 1 and a bioconcentration factor for the root (BCFR) > 1, indicating the potential of this species to stabilize Cd in the roots. The results showed that E. camaldulensis is a promising species for phytostabilization of Cd-contaminated soil. The wood of the mature tree is used in the manufacture of commercial products; given the low Cd uptake by E. camaldulensis, it is feasible to harvest the wood grown on Cd-affected soils for making paper and furniture.
doi:10.2306/scienceasia1513-1874.2016.42.083 fatcat:on52vtysjbb2zegvda7yapdibu