Modelization and Optimization of Quality Characteristics of Pork Treated Various Hydrostatic Pressure Conditions

Geun-Pyo Hong, Ji-Yeon Chun, Si-Kyung Lee, Mi-Jung Choi
2012 Korean Journal for Food Science of Animal Resources  
In this study, the effects of physical parameters (30-270 MPa of pressure, 3-57 min of time, and 1-49 o C of temperature) on pork quality were investigated. Response surface methodology was used in order to monitor and model the changes in pork quality under varied pressure conditions. As quality characteristics, shear force, water holding capacity (WHC) and the CIE color of pork were measured, and optimum pressure conditions were evaluated by statistical modeling. Pressure improved the WHC of
more » ... ork at relatively low temperature (<25 o C); however, the opposite occurred with increasing temperature. Although pressure and temperature affected the tenderness of the meat, interaction effects among variations were not observed. At pressure levels higher than 200 MPa, the color of pork differed markedly from that of the untreated controls. In particular, differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) revealed marked evidence of myosin denaturation. The present study demonstrates that pork quality varies depending on pressure conditions.
doi:10.5851/kosfa.2012.32.3.274 fatcat:wmjp43t2mnd2vn3zbefkh2j3ka