Research and development in information retrieval

1985 Information & Management  
Preface Current search systems are not adequate for individuals with specific needs: children, older adults, people with visual or motor impairments, and people with intellectual disabilities or low literacy. Search services are typically created for average users (young or middle-aged adults without physical or mental disabilities) and information retrieval methods are based on their perception of relevance as well. The workshop is the first ever to raise the discussion on how to make search
more » ... gines accessible for different types of users, including those with problems in reading, writing or comprehension of complex content. Search accessibility means that people whose abilities are considerably different from those that average users have will be able to use search systems with the same success. The objective of the workshop is to provide a forum and initiate collaborations between academics and industrial practitioners interested in making search more usable for users in general and for users with specific needs in particular. Programme committee ABSTRACT "I don't know where it is!" "I never find the stuff I'm looking for..." "Maybe I can find the Vice President's birthday in the SpongeBob Square-Pants website?" These are all responses we have received from 7, 9, or 11 year old children that have been searching online at home. In this talk, I will present seven search roles children display as information seekers using Internet keyword interfaces, based on a home study of 83 children. These roles are defined not only by the children's search actions, but also by who influences their searching, their perceived success, and trends in age and gender. These roles suggest a need for new interfaces that expand the notion of keywords, scaffold results, and develop a search culture among children. Future interfaces for mobile phones, netbooks, and more will be discussed.
doi:10.1016/0378-7206(85)90069-2 fatcat:2ujjtnq2vne3pjdxmdtwncc35m