DAZL binds to the transcripts of several Tssk genes in germ cells

Mei Zeng, Wenqian Deng, Xinying Wang, Weimin Qiu, Yanyan Liu, Huaqin Sun, Dachang Tao, Sizhong Zhang, Yongxin Ma
2008 BMB Reports  
The Dazl gene encodes a germ-cell-specific RNA-binding protein which is essential for spermatogenesis. It has been proposed that this protein (DAZL) binds to RNA in the cytoplasm of germ cells and controls spermatogenesis. Using the specific nucleic acids associated with proteins (SNAAP) technique, we identified 17 target mRNAs bound by mDAZL. Among these transcripts, we focused on TSSK2, which encodes a testis-specific serine/threonine kinase. To date, five TSSK family members have been
more » ... rs have been cloned, and all are exclusively expressed in the testis. We demonstrated that in addition to the TSSK1 3'UTR , the 3'UTRs of TSSKs 2 and 4 were bound by human and mouse DAZL, and that human DAZL (hDAZL) bound to the 3'UTR of human TSSK5 (hTSSK5). Our results suggest that the Dazl gene may play different roles in human and mouse spermatogenesis by regulating different members of the downstream gene family. [BMB reports 2008; 41(4): 300-304]
doi:10.5483/bmbrep.2008.41.4.300 pmid:18452650 fatcat:hl3wjhd3hna7jnxjl3ygqhrxsa