MIFAD-Net: Multi-Layer Interactive Feature Fusion Network With Angular Distance Loss for Face Emotion Recognition

Weiwei Cai, Ming Gao, Runmin Liu, Jie Mao
2021 Frontiers in Psychology  
Understanding human emotions and psychology is a critical step toward realizing artificial intelligence, and correct recognition of facial expressions is essential for judging emotions. However, the differences caused by changes in facial expression are very subtle, and different expression features are less distinguishable, making it difficult for computers to recognize human facial emotions accurately. Therefore, this paper proposes a novel multi-layer interactive feature fusion network model
more » ... with angular distance loss. To begin, a multi-layer and multi-scale module is designed to extract global and local features of facial emotions in order to capture part of the feature relationships between different scales, thereby improving the model's ability to discriminate subtle features of facial emotions. Second, a hierarchical interactive feature fusion module is designed to address the issue of loss of useful feature information caused by layer-by-layer convolution and pooling of convolutional neural networks. In addition, the attention mechanism is also used between convolutional layers at different levels. Improve the neural network's discriminative ability by increasing the saliency of information about different features on the layers and suppressing irrelevant information. Finally, we use the angular distance loss function to improve the proposed model's inter-class feature separation and intra-class feature clustering capabilities, addressing the issues of large intra-class differences and high inter-class similarity in facial emotion recognition. We conducted comparison and ablation experiments on the FER2013 dataset. The results illustrate that the performance of the proposed MIFAD-Net is 1.02–4.53% better than the compared methods, and it has strong competitiveness.
doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2021.762795 pmid:34744943 pmcid:PMC8569934 fatcat:cab7sqna3zesppwzfcptijsiz4