Нелокальный алгоритм анализа данных монохроматического контроля процесса напыления многослойных покрытий

И.В. Кочиков, Ю.С. Лагутин, А.А. Лагутина, Д.В. Лукьяненко, А.В. Тихонравов, А.Г. Ягола
A new algorithm for determining the extrema in the dependence of the reflection coefficient on the optical thickness of the deposited layer is proposed. This reflection coefficient is measured during the deposition process of a multilayer coating. The proposed algorithm uses a physical model of the deposition process, which makes it possible to use all the measurement data accumulated by a recording device during the deposition of the layer in contrast to the classical approaches that
more » ... ches that adequately describe the dependence of the reflection coefficient only near its extremum. The efficiency of the proposed approach is shown by an example of modeling the deposition process for a 20layer quarterwave mirror.
doi:10.26089/nummet.v20r441 fatcat:cfdjzybxj5dqjcdlr4vu6xay7u