Spectral characterization and laser performance of a mixed crystal Nd:(Lu_xY_1-x)_3Al_5O_12

Xiaodong Xu, Shishu Cheng, Junqing Meng, Dongzhen Li, Dahua Zhou, Lihe Zheng, Jun Xu, Witold Ryba-Romanowski, Radosław Lisiecki
2010 Optics Express  
An Nd-doped Lu 1.5 Y 1.5 Al 5 O 12 (Nd:LuYAG) crystal was obtained by Czochralski method. Absorption and emission spectra were recorded at low and room temperature. Continuous wave (CW) and passively Q-switched laser operations of Nd:LuYAG crystal were, to our knowledge, demonstrated for the first time. A CW output power of 1.67 W with slope efficiency of 39.8% was obtained. In the passively Q-switched operation, the shortest pulse width, largest pulse energy, and highest peak power were
more » ... d to be 9.6 ns, 61.7µJ, and 6.4 kW, respectively, with Cr 4+ :YAG crystals as the saturable absorbers.
doi:10.1364/oe.18.021370 pmid:20941033 fatcat:kix4nirzwfdylc2usb2hnkjyzy