A Taxonomic Approach to Understanding Scientific Misconduct Misuse of Statistics: Honest Error or Misconduct?

Blaine Gaddis, Lynn Devenport, Ryan Brown, Michael Mumford, Ginamarie Scott, John Gardenier
2002 ORI Research Conference on Research Integrity Abstracts 1. Current and Emerging Issues   unpublished
The purpose of this paper is to describe the development and construction of a taxonomy of events that adequately reflect the ethical contexts in which science occurs and the unethical events that are likely to occur during scientific study. This taxonomic system is intended to serve as a unifying frame of reference to unify ethical frameworks across multiple scientific research domains. Specifically, the taxonomy will be used to establish a common language for discussing research ethics across
more » ... scientific fields, integrate ethical frameworks across occupations for understanding, classifying, and measuring incidents of ethical misconduct, develop reliable and valid measures of scientific ethics as they apply to research settings, and establish a common knowledge base across scientific disciplines about what aspects of integrity are being discussed at any given time.