Utilization of Magnetic Gradients in a Magnetic Navigation System for the Translational Motion of a Micro-Robot in Human Blood Vessels

S. M. Jeon, G. H. Jang, H. C. Choi, S. H. Park, J. O. Park
2011 IEEE transactions on magnetics  
This paper proposes a method to generate the translational motions of a micro-robot in human blood vessels by utilizing the magnetic gradients of a magnetic navigation system (MNS). The proposed method was applied to the MNS composed of a Maxwell coil, Helmholtz coil, and uniform and gradient saddle coils, and it was verified through the experiment demonstrating the rectilinear and translational motions of a micro-robot in a plane. This paper also discusses the effective aligning angle for the
more » ... ning angle for the translational motion of a micro-robot to reduce the required magnetic gradients of the MNS. This research contributes to the effective and therapeutic manipulation of a micro-robot in human blood vessels.
doi:10.1109/tmag.2011.2148168 fatcat:f2es3l6bgrdhhim3iuybvwah2q